Micro Standart

Some microphones are intended for testing speakers, measuring noise levels and otherwise quantifying an acoustic experience. These are calibrated transducers and will usually be supplied with a calibration certificate stating absolute sensitivity against frequency.

Measurement microphones are generally scalar sensors of pressure; they exhibit an omnidirectional response, limited only by the scattering profile of their physical dimensions. Sound intensity or sound power measurements require pressure-gradient measurements, which are typically made using arrays of at least two microphones, or with hot-wire anemometers.


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  1. Earthworks M30
    759,00 €
    Das M30 definiert den Weltstandard bei Messmikrofonen. Es gibt keinen namhaften Her-steller von Schallwandlern oder Meßtechnik, der dieses Mikrofon nicht einsetzt. Das Mikrofon wird mit einer Messtabelle geliefert. Aufgrund seiner extremen Temperatur En savoir plus
  2. Earthworks M50
    1 399,00 €
    Das M50 repräsentiert das Maximum des derzeit technisch Realisierbaren im Bereich der Messmikrofone. Zeitkohärente Abbildung im Bereich von 5Hz bis über 50 kHz garantiert erstklassige Messergebnisse. Durch das damit verbundene nahezu perfekte Impulsv En savoir plus
  3. Earthworks SR30
    939,00 €
    The SR30 (same as SR77) is a remarkable cardioid that maintains most of the characteristics of our omni microphones. At 6 inches away from the source it sounds as onmi-like as a cardioid can. The off-axis rejection is substantial yet uncolored. Its i En savoir plus
  4. MBHO MBNM 550
    469,00 €
    Primarily designed for calibration purposes, the MBNM 550 ELis an electret omni with superb linearity characteristics. As it is a neutral ( + 1 or - 0 dB) microphone with response at the tip nearly matching its response at the side or back, many prefer utilizing this microphone to minimize sound balance problems while recording solo instruments or voices in the near field. The capsule easures only 6 mm and works well with voltages from 16 - 48 V. Each MBNM 550 ELmicropho-ne is supplied with an individual test chart. En savoir plus

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