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  1. Royer Labs R-121L Live Ribbon Microphone
    1 449,00 €
    The R-121 Live's pickup pattern is figure-8, which can be used to control stage bleed with great effect. Side rejection in the null points is strong - position the mics "ears" to face the offending instrument(s) and bleed will be virtually eliminated. The top and bottom of the microphone are also null points. If monitors are in close proximity to the rear side of the microphone, a positioning adjustment can place the monitors output in the mic's null, isolating the monitor from the mic's pickup areas. En savoir plus
  2. Microtech Gefell TD 93
    226,00 €
    The TD-93 provides you with the proper ratio between microphone distance and angle ensuring proper placement for true ORTF recordings. You will need to supply your own mounts to use this stereo bar. En savoir plus
  3. CAD Audio E70
    169,00 €
    Why decide when you can have both? Omnidirectional capsule for flat near field and ambience. Cardioid capsule for proximity boost and off-axis rejection. Capture your instrumentation with exacting detail. Features include field-effect detection, tran En savoir plus
  4. Avenson Audio STO-2 Omni Directional Microphone Pair
    615,00 €
    The STO-2 is a pressure transducer. So are your ears. No Coincidence. We started out looking for a natural sounding mic and this is what we came up with. En savoir plus
  5. AEA R84A
    1 599,00 €

    Le AEA A840 est différent de tous les autres microphones. Une écoute et le AEA A840 se distingue par son son grand et propre. Il s'agit du micro idéal avec sa configuration étanche, sa surface supérieure lisse et élargie, et une accentuation des basses à proximité plus faible que le R44 et le A440. Le A840 gère sans effort un large éventail d'applications allant du simple accent à l'ensemble.

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  6. Shure MX150B/O-XLR
    389,00 €
    Professionelles Subminiatur-Lavaliermikrofon (nur 5,8 mm Durchmesser bei 11 mm Länge) Dauerpolarisierte Kondensatorkapsel mit Kugelcharakteristik Weiter Frequenzbereich für natürliche Stimmwiedergabe Auswechselbare Entzerrungskappen zur Höhenanpassung Drahtgebunden: MX150B/O-XLR, inkl. externem Vorverstärker RK100PK Drahtlos: MX150B/O-TQG, mit TA4F Stecker Robustes, Kevlar-verstärktes Kabel Mit Magnetklammer, Reversklammer, Doppel-Krawattenklammer, Nadelbefestigung und zwei Schaumstoff-Windschützen En savoir plus
  7. Telefunken M81 Universal Dynamic
    311,00 €

    The TELEFUNKEN M81's tailored frequency response makes the microphone exceptional on electric guitars, percussion, rack and floor toms, and brass instruments.

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  8. Peluso R14
    789,00 €
    The Peluso R14 has a natural rich and silky sound. It is the perfect complement to your microphone collection, offering a distinct color difference from condenser microphones.It features a custom output transformer made by Tom Reichenbach of CineMag Transformers, which adds to it's stunning realism. En savoir plus

Produits 1-10 sur 2108

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